• An epoxy 3 part material.
  • Aluminum Oxide granules provide a hard, tough, non-skid surface that when applied, provides maximum traction on slippery areas.
  • Bonds firmly to concrete, wood and metal, inside and out.
  • Durable, many times stronger than concrete.
  • Resists oil, fuel, grease, detergent, salts, solvents, acid, alkalis and weathering.
AS-43, A NON-SKID, ANTI-SLIP SURFACE COATING MATERIAL WAS INTRODUCED AT THE 1981 LOGGING SHOW IN EUGENE, OREGON. Since its inception, companies in several major industries have purchased AS-43 for various applications on wood, concrete, and metal surfaces.

Apply AS-43 to any concrete, metal, or wood surface. Excellent application for all types of heavy equipment (mobile and stationary), cat walks on truck tops, step ups on garbage trucks, ladder rungs, vehicle pedals, drilling platforms, gratings or incline ramps. Wherever water, fuel, mud, grease or any other slippery substance renders the surface unsafe to walk on.

Application: Apply only to clean, dry surface. Mix equal parts of A and B for 15 minutes to achieve a good blend. Apply epoxy with brush or roller, broadcast Part C (grit) onto wet epoxy until you achieve desired texture. The more grit you use the rougher the surface. (Liquid and grit packed separately). Ideal temperature for AS-43 application is 65 degrees. Cures in 24 hours (can be walked on in 12 hours). Unlimited shelf life, when A and B are mixed, pot life is approximately 1 hour.